Technical Information

The EZYiD Reader is a versatile RFID device, which can be used with all types of software platforms.

The EZYiD Reader is capable of scanning any EZYiD enabled product and transmitting stored data with the push of a single button. This “plug and play”, easy-to-use device reads and transmits EZYiD tag data to any Bluetooth® enabled PC, MAC, Laptop or even to a mobile device.

As the EZYiD Reader is a Human Interface Device (HID), the reader is not constrained by any software, making it versatile and adaptable to your existing audit system (if required).

Operating Temperature -20°C to 70°C (-4°F to 158°F)
Battery Type Li-Poly Battery 3.7Vdc 300mAh, rechargeable via USB. Up to 10,000 readings with full charge. Can be used and re-charged simultaneously.
Power Supply USB powered 5Vdc
Operating System Compatibility iOS, Android, RIM, Windows, Windows Mobile/Phone, OSX Linux, MAC
Overall Width 44mm (1 11/16")
Length 95mm (3 11/16")
Thickness 18mm (3/4")
Weight 30g (1oz)
Webbing Width 30mm (1")

EZYiD Retrofit Tags, Cable Ties, Stickers and Moulded Tags are a cost effective solution, which can be applied to all of your assets, with minimal effort.

The EZYiD RFID system significantly reduces inspection fatigue, human error, whilst increasing workplace efficiency. All EZYiD Tags, Cable Ties, Stickers and Moulded Tags are pre-serialised with a unique code, ready for quick, easy identification and data input, using the EZYiD Reader.

The following Tags, Cable Ties, Stickers and Moulded Tags are supplied pre-serialised, with a unique code.


ISC-EZYID-T100 Retrofit Tags
EZYiD Tags are robust and economical and have been specifically designed to be applied using EZYiD’s recommended adhesive to hard surfaces such as steel, aluminium or plastic. At only 6.0mm in diameter and under 2mm deep the tags are easily fitted to areas of your assets that will cause minimal operational interference.

Dimensions 6mm Ø x 2mm Deep (15/64" Ø x 5/64")
Pack Quantity 100 Units
Application Method Contact Adhesive or Two-part Epoxy Resin (Not Supplied)

ISC-EZYID-CT100 Retrofit Cable Ties
EZYiD Cable Ties are fitted with robust EZYiD RFID Tags and are ideal for attaching to variety of items, that generally are difficult to fit a tag or sticker to.

Ideal for use on soft goods such as harnesses, slings, helmets, kit bags, etc.

Dimensions 200mm x 5mm Deep (7 7/8" x 13/64")
Pack Quantity 100 Units
Application Method Self-securing

ISC-EZYID-ST100 Retrofit Stickers
EZYiD Stickers are fitted with low-profile tag technology. EZYiD RFID Stickers and are ideal for fitting to plastic or fibre objects such as helmets and rope.

Glued heat shrink can be used to attach the stickers to rope, ensuring a durable, easy way of implementing RFID technology to soft-goods.

Stickers are not suitable for use on metal items.

Dimensions 25mm x 25mm Deep (1" x 1")
Pack Quantity 100 Units
Application Method Self-adhesive, but should be used with adhesive-lined heat-shrink, when used on rope products

SC-EZYID-T100 Moulded Tags
EZYiD Moulded Tags are designed for use with a stainless steel cable-tie. These tags can also be glued, screwed, nailed, or pop riveted to the desired product.

Dimensions 19mm x 10mm x 5mm Deep (3/4" x 25/64" x 13/64" Deep)
Pack Quantity 100 Units
Application Method Use a stainless steel cable tie, glue, screw, nail, or pop rivet

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