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The future of Asset Tracking!

The EZYiD Asset Tracking System will exponentially change the way that assets of all shapes and sizes are tracked! The task of inspecting PPE and Work at Height Equipment can be laborious. Inspections absorb many human hours and the repetitive task inevitably leads to human error.

Set up of the new EZYiD Asset Tracking System is quick, easy and cost effective! EZYiD is the ideal solution for all asset tracking compliance issues and for vastly reducing auditing fatigue and human error, when inputting serial numbers.

The EZYiD Reader is not constrained by any software, making the system incredibly versatile and adaptable to your existing audit system. The EZYiD Reader transmits EZYiD tag data to any Bluetooth® enabled PC, MAC, Laptop, Linux, OSX or even to a mobile device.

How it works:

The EZYiD Reader is a “Plug ‘n’ Play” device. It is not necessary to download any software onto your computer, tablet or mobile phone, in order for the EZYiD Reader to function.

Sync the Reader to your device:

Simply, turn on your EZYiD reader and follow the Bluetooth pairing instructions for your computer, tablet or mobile phone, to pair the reader to your device.

Read an EZYiD® Tag:

Simply point the Reader at your ISC EZYiD integrated product tag & press the button. The data will upload to your existing software!

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